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NFL Week 4 Observations

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for the Rams... Kyle Boller reminds us that he's, well...Kyle Boller. He barely topped 100 yards passing on the day, threw zero touchdowns and one interception. This is while playing from behind the whole game. Ouch.

Speaking of bad teams... The Toilet Bowl between Tampa Bay and Washington sure lived up to the hype. How does Tampa pick off Jason Campbell 3 times, force a fumble and only put up 13 points? They're making a strong case for the worst team in the league right now.

Willis McGahee is this year's DeAngelo Williams. McGahee was drafted relatively late in drafts this year, a lot like Williams was last year. They're both in a major time share. The main difference is that, well...McGahee is doing better than Williams did last year. After only four games, McGahee already has seven touchdowns. I don't expect him to keep this up, but right now he's on track to score 28 touchdowns on the year...or eight more than league leading DeAngelo Williams last year.

Matt Cassel was the worst free agent pickup of the off season. Remember that glimmer of hope the Chiefs had in the preseason because of Cassel's arrival and a new head coach? Hard to believe there was ever any hope to begin with, at this point. Cassel was almost held to under 100 yards passing for the second straight week. Don't be surprised to see Brodie Croyle in the starting lineup in the near future. It just goes to show how important a quarterback's system and supporting cast is to his production.

The Tennessee Titans season is officially over. Every week so far this year, I gave the Titans the benefit of the doubt and picked them to win. I thought there was no way Jeff Fischer would let this team slip to 0-4 against the Jaguars. Well, I was wrong. Even if they only lose one more game the whole rest of the season, they wouldn't be a lock to make the playoffs (see Patriots last year). Only 2% of NFL teams that start out 0-4 have ever made the playoffs in the history of the NFL. Did Albert Haynesworth really mean THAT much to this team?

The Indianapolis Colts have done well...against bad teams. Before everyone starts picking the Colts to win the Super Bowl this year, remember that none of the teams they've played against so far this year have a winning record. In fact, the best team they've played so far is the 2-2 Jacksonville Jaguars that they almost lost to. Their next three weeks they play the Titans, have a bye, then play the Rams. In other words...we won't get a good idea of how good this team really is until November 1st when they play the 49ers.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Oakland Raiders. Note to anybody looking to start an expansion team...stay away from pirate names.

Brandon Marshall is your typical wide receiver diva. Did you see him run up and hug Josh McDaniels after the game? What an amazing turn around for their relationship as it seems like only a month ago he was suspended by the team for his behavior. Could it be because the team is off to a 4-0 start? Naw...

Mark Sanchez actually is a rookie quarterback! The prodigy quarterback finally showed that he's a rookie and can make rookie mistakes. In one of the biggest games this week, he threw for only 138 yards, no touchdowns and three interceptions...including one for a 99 yard return for a touchdown. Don't worry, Mark...facing the Dolphins 24th ranked pass defense this week should help get you back on track.

Drew Brees is not going to break Dan Marino's yardage record this year... and that's a good thing for the Saints. If he put up that many yards it would only show how one dimensional this team is. The last two games, the Saints haven't relied on Brees at all to score points. He's been more of a distraction to help their run game than anything else. If their running game keeps up and their defense keeps playing like it is, this will be a very tough team to beat.

Darrelle Revis is the second coming of Deion Sanders. This guy is the definition of a shut down corner. Through four weeks he's been matched up against Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Justin Gage, and Marques Colston. The four of them COMBINED have put up 129 yards and no touchdowns. Mohamed Massaquoi put up 148 yards by himself this week! It's getting to the point where if ANYONE scores a touchdown on him this year, I'll be surprised.

Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch are now worthless fantasy players. Instead of giving one of these two players the majority of the carries, the Bills decided to split it right now the middle. Fred Jackson ended the game with 9 carries while Marshawn Lynch received 8. Mix that in with their terrible offensive line and inability to get a passing game going and it's not looking good for either one of these backs.

Tony Romo is more like Tony Oh-No without Owens. After a hot start in week one, Romo has been awful. He's averaged only 212 yards in the past three games and has thrown four interceptions to only one touchdown. Don't Cowboy fans miss the good old days when Romo was only bad in big games?

The Steelers play more like the Penguins... champions for three periods. The Steelers keep forgetting that there's four quarters in a football game. If they could only finish games like they start them, they'd be one of the top teams in the league right now. In week two against the Bears, the Steelers held a 7 point lead in the 4th quarter. They ended up losing that game 17-14. In week three against the Bengals, they were winning 20-9 at the start of the 4th quarter. They ended up losing that game 23-20. Now this week against the Chargers, they held an incredible 28 point lead towards the end of the 3rd quarter. They then allowed San Diego to go on a 28-7 run which put the game at 35-28. Although the Steelers pulled it out with a 38-28 victory, they can't hope for 28 point leads going into the 4th quarter every game just to have a chance anymore. This is a team that desperately misses Troy Polamalu.

Brett Favre knows the Green Bay Packers better than they know him. Every since Favre joined the Vikings, Packer fans have been talking about how well they'll do against the Vikings because of how well they know Brett Favre. At the same time, Vikings fans were talking about how well their offense was going to do because of how well Favre knew the Packers. We can't have both...so which side was right? Well, Favre went out and threw for 271 yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. He was also never sacked throughout the entire game. I guess that answers that question.

Braylon Edwards is the luckiest man in football. Anyone getting out of Cleveland is a lucky person, but Edwards hit the jackpot when he got sent to the Jets. Although he's had trouble hanging onto the ball and has had some off the field issues, you can't deny his talent and potential. If Mark Sanchez can develop a good rapport with Edwards by the playoffs, the Jets will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

That's all for this week. Check back for more observations every Wednesday.
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My Mathematically Correct Power Rankings

These are a list of power rankings I came up with that have absolutely no opinion involved. Instead, I used a mathematical equation to determine them. Here's how it works...

Offensive points + total yards + passing yards + rushing yards + points allowed + rushing yards allowed + passing yards allowed + total yards allowed. Divide this total by 8. I would then look at their records and give that a rank as well. Teams that are 3-0 received a rank of 1, 2-1 a rank of 2, 1-2 a rank of 3, and 0-3 a rank of 4. I took the sum of the first equation and added the win/loss rank to their total. The team with the lowest score is the "best" team.

For example, the Ravens are the number one ranked team. Here is their equation:

Baltimore: 2+2+5+5+11+7+17+1 = 50 / 8 = 6.25 + 1 = 7.25

The Ravens are ranked 2nd in the league in offensive points, 2nd in overall yards, 5th in passing yards, 5th in rushing yards, etc.

Here's how the they all turned out:

1. Baltimore: 7.25

2. Denver: 7.625

3. New York Giants: 8.25

4. New Orleans: 8.75

5. New England: 10.875

6. Indianapolis: 11.75

7. Philadelphia: 11.75

8. New York Jets: 12.125

9. Minnesota: 12.375

10. Dallas: 15.75

11. Pittsburgh: 16.5

12. Seattle: 16.5

13. San Diego: 16.625

14. Chicago: 18

15. San Francisco: 18.625

16. Cincinnati: 18.75

17. Green Bay: 19.125

18. Washington: 19.25

19. Tennessee: 20

20. Arizona: 21.875

21. Atlanta: 22.125

22. Jacksonville: 22.125

23. Miami: 22.25

24. Buffalo: 23

25. Houston: 25

26. Detroit: 26.5

27. Oakland: 27.125

28. Carolina: 27.25

29. Kansas City: 27.875

30. Tampa Bay: 30

31. St. Louis: 30.125

32. Cleveland: 32.875

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